Front of rear eng Mk1

Jasin Larsen's Mk1 16v

Jasin Larsen's Mk1 16v

Brain Page is a lucky guy! 80 & 81 'S'

Brain Page's 80 & 81 'S'

Brain Page's 81 'S'

Brain Page's nice looking 81 'S' again

74 or 75 from Spec Scirocco class racing

Raffi Manoian's Nicely kept 80

Raffi Manoian's 'Mint' 80

Interior of Raffi's 80

Closer on Interior of Raffi's 80

Kevin Stoddards's bone stock 80. He's from Texas.

Chris Cavitt's white 1.8l 79 S and ...

... Nathan Malone's black 80 1.8l with 77 front end.

Scirocco friends are the best. :-)

Ben Rogowski's nicely kept 79

Ben's 79 again

Interior of Ben Rogowski's 79

Ben can also twist around a few cones.

Ben's car is currently undergoing a complete restore

Charles Grey's Mk1 w/flamejob! (twin 36mm downdraft Dellorto's)

Cool vomit colored Mk1

Johan Hermans' highly modded 80 1500 GT
Click for more info!

Johan Hermans' highly modded 80 1500 GT (Belgian)