hi. my name is Jerry Nesh . I would like to submit my picture of my 87 Scirocco 16v and hope you put it on your site.. I am a member of Renner Performance Group. and we were at the last ND show. and i am of course a fan of the UNBEATABLE SCIROCCO POWER.. The mods on my rocco are ABT coilovers,upper stress bar, lower front and rear swaybars, from neuspeed. Ronal turbo wheels.. the original.. not the new heavy ones. Gillete exhuast, and engine still is completly stock Had a fresh repaint with European bumpers and headlights.. and yes that scoop is functional and turbo is still in the works.. but not for a while.. hope you like it.. and hope to see it on the pic gallery.. Love the site. very nice cars