Added October 2002 archives and Buffalo Dyno Day sitelet to the list section
Added new custom shifter tech procedure, fixed dozens of links, added dozens of links and I'm part way through adding many new pictures...I've got about 50 new pics in the 16v section. More to follow. Also added the August and September message archives.
Trimmed all the older postings in the forsale / parts section and put up the July 2002 archives.
Added a cool 1.8t Scirocco profile in the photos->profile section, many more new photos in all the areas to follow as I work through the back log.
Finally got the Cincy / Ohio Treffen 2002 pictures up in the mailing list section. Go go go!!
Added the front cross member damage and fixes sent out by Kevin Collins to the Photos->Cool Stuff section.
Added more pictures. Added Ron Pieper's XLS tranny worksheet to the gears section. Added April 2002 Scirocco mailing list archives.
Added the Feburary and March mailing list archives.
Added about 17 new photos to the various sections from the Club H2O 2001 show & other sources.
Added a photo to the autox section of Doug T. 3 wheelin it.
Fixed and update the tranny chart in the gears section, enjoy!
Added another tech write up FAQ on how brakes work in the FAQ section
titled Pulp Friction...a must read.
A few more photos to be had...
Added more archives, up to date for Feburary 2002.
Added another tech write up in the tech procedures section.

Added new pictures, added the November 2001 archives
Added the Buffalo Dyno Day 2001 photos, stories, and dyno plots in the mailing list section.
Added new photo page direct navigation system to the picture pages.

Made a special important addition to the CIS-E to Motronic conversion tech prodecure about
adding the Motronic fuel pressure regulator.
Added more information to the new Engine section.

Added new pictures to 8v section of Dirk's White Cat.
Added a few new links, including Rich Deede's new 20v link1
Put in a new 'Tools' section off the front page for handling engine
related information and utilities. Much more to come there I hope.

Added a new profile, from a racer at that. TONS of info there. :)
Added a couple new 8v pictures, and a few links too.
Still tons of backlogged submissions to do, updates every week hopefully until I catch up!

Fixed some font and color problems on the links page.
Updated my own profile (it's about time!)
Added a new tech procedure on how to fix a wiper motor.
Hopefully, I'll keep up the pace by making weekly updates.
I'm back!
Added / fixed links, revamped random images on homepage to celebrate my return to paying attention to this site. :)
Much more to come, huge backlog of images and profiles.
10 new links or so, new pictures in the Cool Stuff area (famous dual engine roc),
and the (obvious) Ohio Cruise info and sign up area. Probably going to update the
MK1 history sectoin with a few new pictures soon also.
Couple of new links, cleaned up the parts section, and added a new tech procedure
on making an Air / Fuel ratio meter.
Added a few new links, a few new pictures, and a nice profile from Riley McDowell.
Added a new tech procedure detailing the conversion for using an
Audi 5000 (or big A2) throttle body.
Added May 2000 to the archives, I know it's way behind, but we are running out
of space here, and I'm working on a new home for scirocco.org.
Every month of archives is 8-14 megabytes of data, and about 2,000 HTML pages.
Added a few more links, removed a few outdated links. Cleaned up this page,
cleaned up the parts forsale section.
Added a few more links, fixed a couple of problems with the tire page, added
a backspace calculator to the tire page, and added an odometer fix to tech page.
Finally updated the random images off the home page by replacing >50% of them.
Added about 20 new links to the, well, links page...share and enjoy!
Also added Tire Chart (Contact Patch) area with rim / wheel calculator tool.
A few updates, like a fixed front page hit counter (stuck at 9,800 for a year).
Added a few pix and links. Added a DOS program in the gears section for doing
trans / tires / gears on a PC, written by list member Drew MacPherson. Fixed a
few things here & there. :)
HUGE UPDATES! New links, new organization, new racing pictures,
new profile, more FAQs and tech procedures, fixed IE rendering
problems, and 100+ new photos. Enjoy & Happy New Year!