July 24-25, 1999


Once again, the Scirocco-l made a big showing at Waterfest '99, arguably the largest water-cooled VW show on the east coast. And once again, Brett VanSprewenburg and Jim Jarrett brought along lots of digital toyz to make sure all the fun got captured for the Web to see. Sadly, no arrests this year (right, guys? :-) ) but fun was had by all, in spite of the BRUTAL heat and humidity.

Here, then, we present: WATERFEST!
Brett's car, now 20% more menacing with the JE Designs front spoiler. (JJ) Ok, I'm a lousy photog. Sorry this is so out of focus....but Mike Leach's girlfriend Daphne wouldn't share her coffee with me....
Mike's car at Brett's On the road
How fast we going? At the hotel, after a brief 5-hour trip from Rochester, NY. Brett's a bit pooped.....
...but these characters aren't! (l-r) Alee, Jason Cammisa,The Mad Bastard, Damien, Mark (both from Toronto), Ben Harder, and Daun Yeagley....

...who happened to mention he didn't like having his picture taken.

Bad move.

VW Cruise down New Jersey Route 46 in search of food. A bunch 'o listers in the parking lot of the Ramada with their cars.

What do you call a group of 16v Sciroccos?

(l-r) Mike Leach's, Brett's, Rich Deede's, and Tony Pelletier's.

Work the camera, work the camera. Mike Leach and Brett.
Paul Maione adds his Scirocco to the lineup. THE POTTERMAN! Surrounded by (l-r) Pete Walsh, Dan May, The Mad Bastard, Alee, and Jim Jarrett
Nigel Heron, a/k/a Botch Boy. (We known you're not a real botcher!) Dinner at the Ramada.