Waterfest 2000

July 30, 2000

Well, this year's Waterfest was literally that. Starting out with an early morning rain, the day was damp, but the VW's were in force. 26 Sciroccos showed, with a large number of them list members; all the awards went to listers. Rock on! Next year, even more!

The Adrenaline Motosports 1.8T twins - a Corrado and a Mk I.....WOW

The 1.8T Mk 1

Jim Jarrett's '81 Rabbit Convertible 16v making its debut.

A clean, shiny engine...

(JRJ) Ok, so *I* was wielding the camera, it's my car, you must look at it, darnit!


Some of the Cabriolet competition, which was stiff. :-(

Grumble. How does a 19-year old car go up against a 2-year old car?

A custom turbo'ed Cabriolet, with BBS kit. Based on a Calaway kit originally

Check out the Autometer gauges.

MMPH. Lots of flashy stereo equipment had the judges mesmerized. Bah.

The infamous Passat Wagon that was doing mad burnouts in the hotel lot!

Scirocco Alley. Revel in them all.

Josh Able's Seidl-kitted Mk II

Daun Yeagley's freshly-painted '80 S. Nice paint job there, Daun!

Nice Red 16v (Why, it's Jason Arms'!!)