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Oh... My.... GAWD!!!! This weekend was beyond expectations - I had a great time and hope everyone else did too.

Daun Yeagley

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June 7th - 9th

There are 15 pages in this collection, with over 400 images which were gathered from a variety of differnt cameras & individuals. It takes quite some time to make this arragement but if we've inadvertantly left something out or got something wrong, please feel free to email.

There were several people that did not get (or needed another) Ohio Treffen 2002 / Scirocco.org event tshirt. Click here for tshirt pictures and info on ordering; thanks for the support everyone!! (Proceeds from tshirt sales go towards suporting this website and the Scirocco mailing list)


Furthermore, I'd like to extend my thanks to Daun and his family for hosting this event again, we all really appreciate your goodwill and support. There are some discussions about taking this event to a state park or the like, and really turning it into a more RoadStar like event. We shall see as planning for the 2003 event continues. :)

I had a wonderful time this year again, and it was great to see all the faces, meet new people, and oogle over the cars. That's what this community is all about. Oh, on with the pictures already!

The road to Ohio starts in the garage for Allyn and the Rieger.

He's made use of the hollow area behind the spare by cutting it open, neat actually.

Assembling for the trip to Ohio, scenes like this are happening all over the US (and Canada) for this gathering.

The Scirocco 16v trailer ensemble...

...accessorize your Reiger with the latest in Scirocco fashion, the Scirocco 16v 'trailer-ass' (hitch not included).

The trailer actually will be used as a rolling fuel tank in the future too! (That's actually Rich Deede's old hood on there.)

...you never know when or where you'll meet up with the caped crusader...

The view out of ATS. :) (...and miles and miles and miles more to go...)

The tinted view to the rear out of Patricks car. Caravaning with others is obviously part of the fun here.

All the way from Texas, Patrick finally has Columbus in sight

...Um, that's diesel, right Drew? ;-)

Leaving from my (Brett's) house. There's quite a story about waiting for broken cars to get here and really, really late people, only to find out they're in front of us. (ahem, Julie)

Josh, in a more lucid / contemplative moment.

After we try and meet up with the Canadian crew in Buffalo, we find out they're at Home Depot hunting for creative ways to fix a fan shreaded rad hose.

..a most excellent fix was applied with mere hand tools and ingenuity in the mall parking lot (Cathy Boyko's car here btw). It's not a Cincy trip without car problems, eh? :-)

We finally hit the road and head West. Jason Arms shot from Jim J's convertible, followed closely by other caravaners.