June 2nd - 4th, 2001

If I've left anything (or anyone) out, please feel free to contact me. Big thanks again to Daun & his family for putting up with us. These photos came from Jim Jarrett, Allyn Malventano, Daun Yeagley, Pete Walsh, and Brett V. I had special event tshirts made up with a nice Scirocco list gathering logo, please contact me if you'd like one ($14 delivered). Mike Potter and Virtual World Parts also helped sponsor the shirts, and all the proceeds go towards supporting the site and the mailing list. Thanks! Had a great time, can't wait for next year...if you didn't make it, you need to. >:)

Mike Leach waits for Jim, Josh, and Paul...very calmly I might add. :) Allyn (in North Carolina) preps his phat ride for trip North, he drove up with the Florida crowd
This rear end is almost as phat as Josh's. :) Speaking of Josh (On the road to Dauns, there are drivers, passengers...)
...And then there's Paully... (Can we do another steering wheel line, eh?) Ben's Mk1 (forsale, it's mine, no, it's Jim's, no it's Mike's, no it's Dan's, no it's ad infinitum)
Mike, Josh, Daun, and Katy (Eric, not pictured here, and Katy drove the auto mk2 from Colorado!) They all ignore the Firechicken. :) "When Sciroccos go bad"
Never turn a mk1 into a billboard for a pet grooming service.
Daun's used car parts corral, Kevin Wenzel's old winning auto-x car on far right, this one is being rebuilt.
"Hoosier Daddy!"
Just how many people can you stuff in Daun's garage in a rain storm and still change motor mounts? (Answer: all of them)
Jim (declaring Yatzee! for a triple score), Eric, Katy, Garland, and Daun Eric S. Eric P. and Josh A.
Scott "Surfing the tarmac, takin' no prisoners, makin' it safe for the rest of us" Williams, Superhero extrondiaire. If he and Tosha ever meet, the world will end. WANTED
Paul Maione, for grand botch auto. :)
Camera wars, don't play if you can't afford to lose. (Jim took this!) Josh shows off his nice new Rallye Golf lights and the fabulous wet dog look. Yeah man, that grill is all metal.
European Car attitude shot number one. (I stand like this all the time) European Car attitude shot number two. (Can you tell Jim is wearing his shoulder holster?)
Bodies piled high and deep. Don't let TMB attack with any more of his bodily functions. Tuckered out Todd hugs his pillow. :-) Very cute my man!
Jason (TMB) with happenin' Chia Pet like doo. Ellen, pumped up on Wheaties, ready to shred some road in her 'Rado
Our host Daun, Mike "Patient Man" Leach, oh, and I see that MIke Potter dropped in for a suprise visit! Line up of soggy veedubs. Note to Daun, order better weather next year. :-)