Scirocco List Ohio Gathering

June 2nd - 4th, 2000

This years gathering was a huge success by anyone's standards. Sorry for taking soooo long to get these images and stories posted. Things happen...Anyway this is a chance for us all to relive the moments, and look forward to getting together again in 2001! We're planning some great activities, so stay tuned for that. If I've left anything (or anyone) out, please feel free to contact me. Big thanks again to Daun & his family for putting up with us. Enough, on with the show!

The NY & Canada crew stop for a bit on the thru-way. Note the single 'sacrifical' Canadian... I guess Paul was the only person that didn't get the 'Khaki shorts and white shirt' memo. Duh. :)
I think I'm about to take a leak on Mikes ride.

Which one of these things is not like the other? ;-)

(Paul, Mike & Josh)

So we finally arrive and Dauns house and Jim is busy snapping photos of everything is sight. (thanks Jim!) Unfortunately, his, ahem, too short lens cuts subjects off sometimes. (Pauls future ride)
We arrive on Friday afternoon, many many others to follow. That's Peter L. & Bill S. facing the camera a bit. Bill is obviously trying to convince people how big something is. :)
Road repair (driveway repair actually) That's Ben Harder with that Ho! Matt M. takes a turn also. Just how many vehicles did you bring again? Was it four!?
MMPH. Party Friday night on the back deck. Food. Folks and Fun. Wait, isn't that McDonalds? I'll ask Josh later...
Speak up if you see yourself! We later moved it inside for abit, while all the hard core junkies crawled around in the dark outside.
Look, there's a Hard Core Scirocco Junkie now! Nice face Dan! Saturday morning...this is something we all should have known anyway...(easy Paully! ;-) )
During the night, many more Canadians arrived...which is exactly how they'll invade US someday...This is Jason TMB sick lightened MK1 2L 16v. Roof shot down the front lawn.
Saturday is tradionally a tech day at Dauns. We never dissipoint. Dan doing a wheel bearing, Jason giving him, ah, advice. Some of us, like me, had a bit of road grime to wash away for the show on Sunday.
Go Dan go. You almost look like you know what yer doin. :) Oh, he's levitating the car btw. Ok, ok, so I replaced a front motor mount while I was there. Even the TT HD mount can't stand a built 2L 16v for too long...(who took this!? Both Jim & Daun are claiming responsibilty here...thanks for the embarrassing pose)

Alee waving good morning!

Jason's car unloaded. The lawn is pretty full of rocs in the background.