Cincinnati '99!

May 7-9, 1999

Over the weekend of May 7-9, about 30 list members got together at Daun Yeagley's house, outside of Cincinnati, OH, for a weekend of mutual car admiration, there was crying, hugging, no arrests, cheering, jeering, driving, drinking (not to be combined with driving, but it could be combined with the hugging), running around, and general fun for something like 2+ days. This was a "not-to-be-missed" event. Those of you who did, well, just be glad that Jim Jarrett and Brett Van Sprewenburg work for Kodak and can get their hands on lots of hi-tech toys. And that they can eventually get their collective asses in gear to create this website. This event's technology included the DCS620, a Nikon-bodied professional digital camera, a DC220, and a DC265. So...on with the show!

The infamous roving grill spoiler. Watch for it, on a Scirocco near you

Jim's Passat. Ok, so it's not a Scirocco, but I'm the guy with all the digital toys.

Jason Cammisa and Daun Yeagley and some of Daun's Sciroccos.

Perry, one of the Canadian contingent, cooks.

Alee, Jason-the-mad-bastard's girlfriend also cooks.

..while Jason checks e-mail!

Marco and his girlfriend Angie ALSO check e-mail

...and more e-mail checking...

Brett ponders. (I'm normally not so scarey)

(l-r) George, Paul Maione, Jason Cammisa,Daun,Paul's friend Tim,Brett ("BUY MY GAUGE FACES!") VanSprewenburg, Ellen Northam, Alee, Jason Brumburg (TMB), Jim Jarrett, Josh Strait John Van Vuren

A Mk 1 AMT model, all assembled.

Jason attempting to EAT a Mk 1 model, all assembled. Why? Ask HIM.

The next cover of European Car? (please, maybe not a cover, just a two page spread! :) )

Now this _does_ look damn professional if I don't say..

Jason "TMB" and I took off for some photo shooting to catch the early evening light.

Peter Wu, eat your heart out. (I was taking the pictures, I helped put the site up, therefore I get the feature car, eh? :-) )