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Name: Jody Bailey...nick name djsteveyk
Age: 18
Location: Saskatoon SK, Great White North
Cars: 85 Scirocco 8v
Modifications: Stock
Expertise: Well rounded in Car Audio, HTML, Graphic Publishing
Employment: Work in a Restaurant at a 4 star hotel
Comments: Can not live without the LIST!!!! ***thanx to all***

Name: Greg Baxter
Age: 27
Location: Maple Ridge, BC
Cars: 82 Scirocco, 91 Jetta
Modifications: 1.8 JH in Scirocco, rear discs, vented front rotors, S/S brake lines, leather 16v interior, 16v dash, 268 cam, K&N filter, S&S Header, Custom 2" exhaust, Boge Turbogas/ST suspension, Poly rear axle bushings, Neuspeed upper stress bar, rear anti-sway bar.
Expertise: Installing all of the above...
Employment: In horticulture
Comments: I love my rocco - how am I gonna get my wife to let me finish it?
Webpage: --

Name: Benjamin A.C. Beacock (Benny B)
Age: 20
Location: Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Cars: 81 Scirocco-S Stock Car, 81 Scirocco-S Street Car

    Stock Car: - full 6 pt roll cage, front hoop, door skins only, strut braces,
    - 1.8L 8V - 8.5:1 CR (soon to be 10:1) - fuel injected
    - twin outlet downpipe into two straight pipes out each side, two straight through mufflers
    - 5pt racing harness, aluminum racing seat
    - 60 series tires on 14" steel wheels (various sizes)
    - rabbit (front) and 16V scirocco (rear) sway bars

    Street Car:
    1.8L 16V - ported polished head - Raceware head stud kit
    - scirocco 16V intake, 3" intake pipe
    - CIS-E management w/knock sensor, no o2 sensor yet
    - custom (by me) built downpipe, 2" pipe, GTI muffler and Passat tip - all stainless steel
    - 5 speed close ratio(4K), short shifted (lever on transmission), needs clutch
    - Jamex lowering springs, boge turbo gas shocks, GTI swaybars
    - 14x6 Jetta Carat rims w/ 195/60/14 Performance Radial tires
    - sunroof, 16V antenna (next week), complete bare metal body job started, will be Audi RS2 blue
    - 220 kph spedometer
    - pioneer CD w/ remote, 300W Pyramid amp and 12" sub, 200W amp + 6x9 speakers, crossover
    - battery in trunk w/ 4 guage line to front
    - G60 project - have charger, intercooler, bracket, custom pulleys, new oil feed line - starting this summer

Expertise: racing, carb conversions, VW dealership mechanic(2 summers), any mechanical repairs, working on body repair, high compression forced induction
Employment: Engineering Systems and Computing, LAN support this summer
Comments: I love this list, racing and working on my car
Webpage: Scirocco Info - , Personal -

Name: Mark Christiansen
Age: 28
Location: Vancouver Wash
Cars: 91 Passat (red) 81 Jetta (blue) 77 Scirocco (Yellow) others are Euro but not VW
Modifications: 77 scirocco has 1.7l highcompression pistons, Bored .040 over, 486/286 Hor cam , Titanium valves with single angle grind, ported polished head, heavy duty titanium valvesprings and retainers, Shaved deck hieght, EMsprt cam sprocket, Cam savor, Corillo weighted Rods, Reground .010 under 1.7l Crank, One off MFG header 4-2-1, 2.75 Exhaust mandrel bent stainless with super turbo muffler, EMsport Solid motor mounts, Emsport Short shift kit, 210 flywheel, FF Gti Tranny regeared with 4.25 Ring and pinion, Racing oil pan , Dry sump oil pump, Msd electronic ignition, MSD coil (80k Volts) , Carrera Springs and Struts (550# springs front and back) Adjustable Towers, Emsport CrossDrilled And slotted and Vented 10.1 Rotors Blue hawk brake pads, Stainless brake lines, EMSport Delrin Bushings , Emsport aluminum Control arms (one off) , 85 sway bars front and back, Upper and lower Stress bars (Emsport one off) Rex solin 10 point Roll Cage, 10 gal Safe cell gas tank, EM sport CIS adjustable vavle , Dual Throttle bodies with EMsport manifold, Alcohol injection system, Plexy glass windows, Lotus leather Seats, Hella 800 watt off road lights, Gti wheels with 195 /50/14 potenza Re 71 for rain and 205/50/14 Bfg R1 race tires for the Track, Emsport Dash insert with Vdo gauges, total weight is 1950 with full tank and me in it. No emissions , carpet heater or other unecessary things i wouldnt need for racing.This Car is In SPU road racing class, E-prepared in Autocross, Group 2 in Prorally, and wants more . there is more that i probably forgot but that should be enuf .
Expertise: experimenting, Making it work right and getting more power from it
Employment: Machinist/ Programmer

Name: Dan May
Age: 25
Location: Greensboro, NC
Cars: 1987 Scirocco with 183k miles & still going strong (83 GTi & 2 16v Passats sold)
Modifications: Koni adjustables, Neuspeed Lowering springs, Neuspeed upper bar, Rear Poly Bushings, Techtonics Stainless cat-back with Dynomax Ultraflow, K&N filter, Eurolights and turnsignals, shortened shifter, 3 gauge panel, white gauges ALA Brett V., (2.0 Liter block very very soon).
Expertise: It breaks, I fix it.
Employment: An architecture firm - but work at a major "corporate" card phone center as a Move Coordinator/Project Manager.
Comments: My parents continue to say "Don't fix it unless it breaks...." YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!

Name: Jim Jarrett
Age: 33 (3/30/66)
Location: Rochester, NY
Cars: 1993 Passat GLX Wagon, 1981 Rabbit Convertible
Modifications: Passat is stock.

    Rabbit Convertible:
    -1.8L 16v
    -Bored to 2nd oversize to make a 1.9L
    -K&N filter
    -Velocity limited slip differential kit
    -Eurosport short shift kit @ 30% reduction
    -.80 5th gear
    -Redline MTL
    -H&R lowering springs
    -Boge Turbogas
    -Autotech solid sway bar w/poly mounts, 25mm rear
    -Stock 16v front sway bar and lower stress bar
    -Neuspeed upper front strut tie bar
    -MiM Speedline Ventos 15x6 rims
    -Pirelli P700z, 195/50 Brakes:
    -Ate "Atom" rotors/Pagid pads
    -Castrol GTLMA
    -European bumpers
    -European headlights with full relay system 80/100w h/l, 100w drivers
    -European plates
    -Kamei grille spoiler
    -4-light conversion grille
    -BBS body kit
    -Autoring pedal covers
    -Full Custom colored gauge faces (including 3 gauge panel)
Employment: Senior Software Engineer, Kodak Professional Division, Eastman Kodak
Webpage: (in need of an update!)

Name: Richard Deede
Age: 21
Location: Wilmington, Delaware
Cars: 1987 16v Scirocco- R.I.P., 1988 2.0 16v Scirocco
2.0 16v block w/1.8 head; Schrick 266 cams; Supersprint Header; Supersprint exhaust; Techtonics Fuel Enrichment; European Intake Manifold; K&N Filter; No Cat; Setrab 13 row oil cooler; custom air intake
Koni Adjustable Shocks; Neuspeed Lowering Springs; Neuspeed 25mm front sway bar; Neuspeed 28mm rear sway bar; Neuspeed front and rear stress bars; Polyurethane Upper Strut bearings; Poly Bushings all around
Ferodo brake pads, Stainless steel brake lines
European Headlights; European Bumpers; Kamei 3 slat grill; Eyebrow spoiler; European Clear Turn Signals; Armor door plates; Sunrood wind deflector; Momo 300mm steering wheel; Momo shift knob; Alpine CD player; Electric Recaro Seats; Agla parking brake and shift boot
...more to come of course!
Expertise: basic maintenance, repairs, and modifications
Employment: Communications student at the University of Delaware..Graduate May 2000

Name: Tim Ebling
Age: 27
Location: Seattle, WA
Cars: 88 Scirocco 16V
Modifications: Not much yet: Elite "Euro" 15x7" chrome wheels, TT motor mounts, stock tinted windows.
Expertise: Come from an air-cooled VW background, just getting to know my 'rocco :)
Employment: Computer game programmer/physicist
Comments: I'm the Seattle Cruise-Out organizer, so talk to me :)
Webpage:, Cruise-Out webpage at

Name: William Josiah Erikson (Josiah)
Age: 18
Location: Amherst, MA during the school year, Weare, NH other times
Cars: Silver 1986 Scirocco 8v, Black 1984 Rabbit GTi
Modifications: 14" mags and K&N on the 'roc, high-compression (205psi) engine in the GTi, no cat and high-flow muffler, also 15" wheels waiting to go on... many more mods if I have the money, to both cars
Expertise: Computers (PC mostly), VW's (I've worked on them a LOT and had 10 of them), Blues
Employment: Student
Comments: I'm a blues pianist and guitarist and I pretend to play drums...
Email: during the school year, other times

Name: Shannon Fenton
Age: 22
Location: Fairfield, Iowa
Cars: 87 16V Scirocco
Modifications: K&N, Koni's
Expertise: General Maintence
Employment: Telecommunications Service, Long Distance/International Sales
Comments: She may be stock, but she still rocks!

Name: Carlyle Fitzgerald (Carlee)
Age: 41
Location: Oak Hill, W. Va.
Cars: '77, '78 and '81 Sciroccos
Modifications: Interior swaps, etc.
Expertise: Minor mechanical stuff, clutches and so forth
Employment: Graduate in health and safety, photographer, whitewater raft guide

Name: Sal Guzzo
Age: 24
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Cars: 81 Scirocco (VIN# 026628)
Modifications: Neuspeed lowering springs, Boge shocks, Webber throttle body, K&N air filter
Expertise: General maintenance
Employment: History Student at York University and self-employed music instructor
Comments: planning a 1.8-16V transplant this summer; hoping for some major body work as well

Name: Chris Helms
Age: 24
Location: Scottdale, PA
Cars: 1987 16v scirocco (laser red) 1995 jetta GLX
Modifications: rocco first: K&N with mod. air box Autotech fuel enrichment 2.0 (ABA) tall block ARP head studs TT tuning 2.5" exhausts low temp fan switch and thermostat white gauges with red lights 3 piece short shift kit with weighted rod (home made) euro lights and turn signals (amber) red city lights single wiper
Expertise: don' really have one yet!
Employment: owner HT Mfg. skateboard manufacturer repair mech. for St. George Crystal Ltd.
Comments: live to drive drive to live

Name: Michael J. Helms
Age: 23
Location: Sunderland, Ontario, Canada
Cars: '81 Scirocco, '86 Scirocco 8 valve
Modifications: K&N, upper stress bar, homemade short shift kit, VDO 3 gauge cluster from an Audi 5000, Alpine CD player, 14" "Orlando" VW rims, Good Year Eagle NCT/2 tires, etc., etc...
Expertise: engine, transmission, electrical
geophysicist @ Western Geophysical
Comments: I *LOVE* these cars!

Name: Nigel Heron
Age: 21
Location: Montreal, Canada
Cars: 86 Scirocco 8v
Modifications: Neuspeed lowering springs/boge pro gas shocks, headers, eurosport 2in (cat back) exhaust, k&n air filter.
Expertise: taking things apart, i'm not quite as good putting them back together...but i'm learning..
Employment: Student, Concordia University (Computer Science)
Comments: looking for a new tranny and two new doors

Name: Brian Honnold
Age: 28
Location: Folsom, CA
Cars: 1978 Mk1 Ragtop (5382092663)
Modifications: 86GTI Motor/Trans/Injection/Ignition, 8716V Interior/Brakes, Zender Exclusiv bodykit
Expertise: Junkyard Scavenging
Employment: RE Broker
Comments: Glad to be a part of it all

Name: Joshua Johnson
Age: 22
Location: Greenville, SC
Cars: 2; 1988 16v Scirocco and a 1990 16v Passat Wagon
Modifications: Boge Progas struts, K&N air filter, custom exhaust system, 15" Dial Elysee wheels, new power-steering rack
Expertise: Anything that's broken, I'll try it
Employment: Director of Campus Network Services: North Greenville College
Comments:You'll never find another car like the Scirocco

Name: Christopher Mende
23 - 1974
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
1984 Wolfs Scirocco
Modifications: K&N, Audi TB
Expertise: Unix, Perl, Journalism
Employment: FedEx, Technial Analyst
Comments: Rock On!

Name: Shawn Meze
Age: 31
Location: San Diego
Cars: 82 Scirocco GTi, 86 Jetta GLi
Modifications: Many! See my web page.
Expertise: Much, see my web page
Employment: Aircraft mech, Draftsman, and many other things I cant find employment for.
Comments: Life is such a shit, and YOU'RE a part of it! :)

Name: Lauri Pettai
Age: 21 (will be 22 at 07.24.1998)
Location: Estonia (in Europe)
Cars: VW Scirocco 1.8 GTI '84 Kamei X1 Bodykit (VIN025736)
Modifications: PW, sunroof, Pioneer stereo
Expertise: PW install, sunroof install, quite good technical knowledge.
Employment: System Administrator, NetExpress
Comments: I love this Car!

Name: Brian Pleva (trizz)
New Jersey
Cars: 87 rocco 2.0 16v, 87 gti, 96 gti
Modifications: too many
Expertise: all of it
Empoyment: at a vw dealer(where else?)
Comments: he who dies with the most toys...WINS

Name: Jeff Plous (sgtpeper)
Age: 16
Location: Chicago, IL
Cars: '87 Scirocco 16v, '88 Cabriolet
Modifications: K&N air filter, Pioneer Stero with 6 speaker kicker box and cd player in trunk, autotech upper and lower sway bars, boge gas shocks lowest lowering kit, techtonics exhaust system 2.5",
Expertise: Buying and Selling
Employment: Student
Comments: Always looking to make improvements to my baby 16v

Name: Owen Rabey (oates)
Age: 20
Calgary, Alberta Canada
Cars: 87 Scirocco 16v
Modifications: Euro lights, clear signals, grille spoiler, 17" OZ F1 wheels. Neuspeed tie bar, 8mm wires, lots more
Expertise: A little bit of everything. General maintenance.
Employment: full time student(I also work at a petro-canada car wash, not fun)

Name: Shadrach S
Age: 26
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
Cars: 83 Scirocco 8V (VIN #:WVWCA0533DK034036)
Modifications: Audi JN 1.8l engine, 2" Techtonics & cat, dual outlet US exhaust manifold.
Employment: VLSI Design Engineer
Comments: the car came stock with a full leather interior, split rear real leather seats, VDO oil temp gauge, sway bars, dual electric mirrors, single blade wiper, rear wiper & washer and air conditioning

Name: Carl Slayton, Jr. (C-man)
Age: 39
Location: Greensboro, NC
Cars: '83 Scirocco JH 1.8
Modifications: Bored out, Head ported. cam and supper trapp exhaust.
Going to shcool for computer programming.

Name: Eric Soltwedel (Night Shadow)
Age: 22
Location: Boulder, CO
Cars: 1980 Scirocco
Modifications: 88 1.8 JH, TT exhaust, Hortech springs, bilsteins, sway and stress bars all the way around, Zender side skirts, ect ect...many more on the way to prepare car for DSP autocross
Expertise: Doing my own work whenever possible, talking for hours on end about VW's(girlfriend hates that)
Employment: Marketing(no sales) rep for SpectraLogic
Comments: MkI's will someday rule the world

Name: Eric Ragot
Age: 25
New York, NY
Cars: '86 8v
Modifications: Bone Stock
Expertise: Generalist
Employment: Law School
Webpage: not telling, not worth viewing

Name: Brett Van Sprewenburg
Location: Rochester, NY
Cars: 1984 Scirocco, 1985 Scirocco, 1986 16v Scirocco, 1988 16v Scirocco, 1992 16v Passat
Modifications: Car is 1988 Alpine White 16v Scirocco, 80k miles on chassis, < 5k on engine

    -2.0L 16v (Totally rebuilt, fully balanced bored to 2008cc, 2.1L? :-) )
    -Ported & decked 1.8L head with Schrick 260 cams spinning in it
    -Kent lightweight adjustable cam sprocket
    -Polished manifolds & valve cover
    -Techtonics stainless steel 2.25 exhaust/downpipe & HD front motor mount
    -Techtonics non-honda style chromed steel 3in exhaust tip
    -Techtonics style fuel enrichment device w/RPM sensing (partially built)
    -K&N filter
    -Neuspeed 8mm wires
    -Velocity Stage II (80%) limited slip differential kit
    -Autotech 3 piece short shift kit @ 30% reduction
    -ABD weighted shift rod
    -Lightened/balanced flywheel & one of the last "real" 2L 16v clutches
    -Redline MTL
    -H&R lowering springs
    -Adjustable Koni Yellow shocks w/poly strut bearings
    -Autotech solid sways w/poly mounts, 22mm front, 25mm rear
    -EM Sport solid aluminum mounts strap the 22mm front bar to the a-arms (snap this baby)
    -Neuspeed upper front strut tie bar
    -Konig Villain 16x7 rims
    -H&R 8mm wheel spacers in rear
    -Pirelli P7000z Summers, 205/45
    -Velocity gas slotted 10.1 front rotors
    -Ferodo pads
    -Castrol GTLMA
    -Stainless steel lines, wrapped with clear tubing
    -European bumpers color matched to body
    -European headlights with full trick relay system 55/100w h/l, 100w d
    -European amber turn signals (clear corners looks funny on color in front)
    -European clear sidemarker lights
    -European plates (98 registered)
    -European Kamei grille spoiler, painted to match body
    -JE Design lower lip spoiler
    -Lockless handles, keyless entry
    -Custom 3 slat grille with big painted VW emblem
    -Side trim removed
    -Autoring pedal covers
    -ICE by JVC, Pioneer, & Pyle Driver
    -Momo anatomic shift knob on cut down shifter
    -3 VDO gauge cluster (Oil pres, Oil Temp, Volt)
    -"Scirocco 16v" embriodered (yellow) custom floormats -Full Custom colored gauge faces (including 3 gauge panel)
    -Custom yellow backlighting (including 3 gauge panel & HVAC controls)

Expertise: Engineering. Making things work. Writing software. Fixing hardware.
Employment: Senior Software Engineer, Reasearch & Development in Electronic Imaging
Webpage: Personal:
For My Custom VW Gauge Faces visit:

Name: Ken Weidmann Jr.
Age: 30
Location: Southern California
Cars: 1995 Jetta GLX, 1985 1/2 Wolfsburg edition Scirocco, 1984 Jetta DLX, 1957 Porsche 356 A
Modifications: Full suspension, body kit, european everything
Expertise: Aftermarket mods, and show quality development
Employment: Assistant manager at Office Depot, Owner of Checkered Flag Automotive Components

Name: Dick Wong
Age: 30 Something
Location: Foster City, CA
Cars: 78 Scirocco, Original Owner.
Modifications: Engine: '84 Euro-GTI engine(10:1 CR), Drake Big Valve head(includes: Drake #426 cam, 42mm/35mm valves, high Nickel alloy Drake seats w/3 angle valve job, Drake Bronze valve guides, Teflon P.C. seals, port & polish, adjustable cam sprocket, Drake super sport valve springs), Drake recurved distributor, Neuspeed throttle body, TT 2.25" cat back exhaust, K & N, oil cooler w/thermostatic adapter plate, 4 to 1 long tube header w/ball joint spring swivel(w/cat), relocated warmup regulator, cool air intake, Allison electronic ignition, silver plated/copper stranded/silicone ignition wires, red polyurethane front motor mount, 50HP shot NOS.

Suspension: Neuspeed lowered street springs, Bilstein HD shocks, GMP upper stress bar, GMP lower stress bar, 19mm Quickor front swaybar w/polyurethane bushings, 19mm Quickor rear swaybars, AutoTech upper rear stress bar.

Interior: Concord 50W radio cassette, Sony passive equalizer, Concord 100W main amp, Concord 80W 6" door speakers, Altec Lansing rear deck mounted adjustable sub-woofer, recalibrated 20 to 120 mph speedometer, voltmeter, ammeter, vacuum, oil pressure(in custom center console mounting panels), red LED radiator fan indicator lamp, nitrous oxide activation timer, Black Bart alarm system with remote, tinted side rear and rear windows.

Exterior: Dupont Imron white and black paint(matched factory paint scheme), Kamei front air dam, Kamei molded mud flaps, removed rear badges, black out front badge, door handle recess guards.

Misc: SS braided front brake lines, Castrol LMA brake fluid, Redline GL-5 transaxle oil, MSW Type V 15x6.5" wheels, 195-50x15 Pirelli P-700Z tires, '84 GTI front disk brakes(slotted), handbuilt short throw and short side shift linkage, Mobil 1 engine oil, Harada automatic radio antenna, Antenna Specialist through the glass CB antenna, 10 gallon auxiliary fuel tank, 50W halogen brake lights, 50W halogen backup lights, on-board fully automatic trickle charger, Cibie H4 and H1 headlights w/80-100W H4 bulbs and 100W H1 bulbs, fuel pump bypass switch, Sachs sports clutch and Sachs pressure plate.
Employment: Director of Engineering.

Name: Daun Yeagley III
Age: 23 (8/17/74)
Location: Wilmington, Ohio USA
Cars: '81 8v Scirocco, '86 16v Scirocco, '87 8v Scirocco
'81 - nothing yet - JUST bought it March 28, 1998.
'86 - euro lights, ram-air filter, drilled airbox, short shift (Thanks to Verne Harris!), colored gauge faces, & a few other minor bits.
'87 - stock - daily beater
Expertise: general stuff...
Employment: AV Librarian
E-Mail: OR

Name: Jason (the mad bastard)
Age: 23
Location: scarborough
Cars: 84 Sciretta (2 Door Jetta GLI) 2L 16V
Modifications: nope, i ain't tellin ;)
Expertise: unprofessional racing...looking to drop the un- sometime soon tho
Employment: legal drug-pusher, fully financed by the provincial gov't
Comments: my car is not the fastest...not even close, but i'll race ya. i'll race anyone - cuz it's fun. wanna run?

Name: Jason, Jay
Age: 22
Location: Cloud Nine.
Cars: 1987 Scirocco 16V Flash Silver with Black Leather (01/87, 17697)
Modifications: European Headlights, Neuspeed upper stress bar, tinted windows, and much more to come
Expertise: Just way too much general BS knowledge
Employment: Full Time Student
Comments: Get over it.
Email: Jason@Scirocco.Org

Name: Mike Leach
Age: 26
Location: Rochester, NY
Cars: 1987 red 16V
Modifications: TT downpipe, Bilsteins & H&R springs, Eurosport upper strut brace, 22mm ABD front lower sway bar, chopped up airbox, Nology Hot-wires, Borbet S-type 16x7.5 wheels, gauge faces to come and 2.0L as soon as I graduate
Expertise: I am really just starting to really get into the mechanicals of my car but now do all my own car maintenance with a little help (thanks Brett).
Employment: Student RIT Electrical Engineering
Comments: Warning !!!once you attend one Scirocco gathering you will be hooked for life.... just like crack but more expensive :)~

Name: Nate Pierce
Age: 23
Location: Davis, CA
Cars: 1982 Scirocco

    Body: -16v kit
    -euro bumpers, lights, clear signals (not pictured)
    -debadged grill
    -filled hatch, r-wiper jet, fender antenna hole
    -fuba antenna
    -tinted tail lights (16V)
    -rear & front Hella fogs
    -Ocean blue paint inside and out (I did it myself and got some orange
    peel so dont be too impressed)
    -Momo wheel
    -Momo shift knob
    -Momo race seats & harnesses
    -custom upolstered rear seat
    -striped completely (no adhesive left)
    -no heater or AC
    -power mirrors, windows, locks (added these cuz you cant reach the
    passenger door while in the race seats)
    -Battery in back (polished aluminum box)
    -12in Kicker bandpass w/200w amp
    -Neuspeed 3 guage panel
    -racing power cut switch in dash
    -A3 Golf interior light with sunroof switch that operates the door locks, has
    a time delay that makes the light stay on for a few seconds after the
    door is closed (when you see this mod on Alex Tings car just remember you
    saw it here first! =-)
    -More rattles than you can imagine!!!!!!grrrrrr
    -1.8L 9:1 8V
    -ported intake manifold
    -Neuspeed T-body
    -euro curve dist.
    -poly motor mounts (all 4)
    -match painted valve cover
    -ITC ported head,
    -272 cam
    -adj. cam sprocket
    -Earls oil cooler
    -hollow cat
    -Auto tech cat back
    -Sebring muffler no tip (looks like $hit)
    -everything poly
    -28mm rear sway
    -22mm front sway
    -Neuspeed & Autotech tie bars
    -Ground control coilovers #350-#375
    -Koni fronts & Carrera rears
    -poly bump stops
Expertise: not watching the tach and over reving at auto-x's
Employment: Property Manager / Student
Comments: the S-list is one of the coolest resources I've ever encountered

Name: Adam Laidley "Foxx (in a box)"
Age: ??
Location: Westerville, Ohio.
Cars: '86 8v Scirocco
Modifications: Boston Acoustic speakers, tinted tail lights
Expertise: Know general things about sciroccos and willing to try new things (already tried adding factory cruise control and in the process of adding power door locks); html, philosophy, and sociology
Employment: Always seraching for something better
Comments: "ahh, what it must be like to have a life... :)"

Name: Kevin Collins
Age: older than Doug T.
Location: Huntington Beach, CA
Cars: '86.5 Scirocco 16V 2.0, '00 Passat GLS 1.8T
Modifications: 2.0 bottom end, 15" BBS alloys (ex Corrado), Bilstein Sports, H&R Sport springs, Neuspeed swaybars, Neuspeed upper tie bar, Neuspeed short-shift kit, SS brake lines, Momo wheel, Momo boot, VW Motorsport shifter, K&N in stock TT exhaust, Redline MTL, euro lights, euro bumpers, Kamei grille spoiler, VDO 3-gauge cluster.
Expertise: still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up.
Employment: regional territory mgr, computer component mfr
Comments: no comment. :)

Name: Benjamin Harder
Age: 22
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Cars: '86.5 Scirocco 16V, 81 Scirocco 1.8
Modifications: Check out my Scirocco 16v website! Expertise: General mechanical repairs (I'm getting better at actually fixing things that I work on!!)
Employment: Student - Mechanical Engineering
Comments: no comment. :)

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