Scirocco List Buffalo Dyno Day

Saturday, October 19th 2002

      As is our fall custom, we hit the dyno in October to test the mods we've made throughout the year. Several Scirocco Mailing list members came out to Buffalo via Rochester to put their motors to the test. This year started out with a cold drizzle, but actually ended up being ok. Don't let the weather put you off from attending this event as it always turns out alright, so far! If you can make it next year, your welcome to join us. Thanks everyone for attending! We always make a fun weekend out of it. And thanks to Josh and his new VW shop
for helping to sponsor our event this year.

     Some of the photos below have additional links near them with pictures of the dyno plots. The dyno plots were plotted using the Dyno Jet software Fullrunviwer, which was downloaded from the Dyno Jet website. They were then 'screen-snapped', cropped, and a pointer removed if necessary (caught in the 'screen-snap'). Sometimes the contrast was increased to improve readability, but no other retouching was done.

List members start gatherings at Jim Jarretts house on Friday. This picture proves again that Jim actually owns a Scirocco, which he uses to help keep leaves off his lush grass. :-) (Actually, he's luck to have so many VW's)   The crew arrives at my house early on a rainy morning. Yeah, that's my new Dodge truck in the driveway. :)  
Hanging out for a bit in Brett's garage. Should have dyno'd my sons electric cart...sticker tuned with Crane cams if you look close. The whole gang, except for Cathy.   My car on the left, my wife's 2000 Passat Wagen 1.8t on the right.  
Blurred photo of happy cold people glad to be working on cars no matter the temp or weather. :-)    Jay telling it like it is.  
On the way finally, roads were a bit on the sucky side.

Did I mention it was cold and wet? Josh and I lost everyone in a couple minutes in the rain and mist - oops.

Without too much adventure, we arrive at the shop, P&J Performance near Buffalo NY.

First up this year would be Ben Harder's Mk1 with a 1.8L 16v conversion.  
Mostly stock except for a modified cut down stock exhaust cam being used as an intake cam. Hense the lumpy idle. K&N, TT 2.25 exhaust, lightened flywheel.

No worries about being lined up perfectly on the lift when your sporting a mk1! Just pick it up and move it over.  
What's it gonna be Ben?

No pictures. Jim call my lawyer.


4th Gear Run mpeg

Ben VS Jason mpeg
(J, that cheatin' gear dropper!)

Dyno Plots

Daun Yeagley doin' some biz with his peeps. (I think there's easily a 1/2 dozen great sayings I could put here....) :-)

"Of course I have the space for another Mk1. Buy it"