Scirocco List Dyno Day in Buffalo, NY!


A bunch of us decided to put our money where our mouths were. We went to P&J Speed Shop in North Tonawanda, NY for a day of fun, tuning, listening to our cars go flat-out to redline, fun, food, cruising, tech procedures, repairs, fun (did I mention fun?), euchre, adult beverages,and fun.

Daun Yeagley, his sister Meredith, & Ben Harder cruised in from Ohio, Jason Arms and his sister Sara picked up Josh Able on their way from Vermont/Albany, NY, Dave Horwood represented the Toronto crew, Brett VanSprewenburg organized, and Jim Jarrett played host and innkeeper.

Since we had several people back out, Jim J. was convinced to a) bring his Passat GLX wagon and b) go first. You drive on, then they raise your car up , you pull on to the rollers. Fun!

The sound a VR6 makes in 4th gear at 120mph at the rev's SWEEEEET!

134.6hp at the wheels.

This is the readout of the dyno; I'm not sure how well it shows.

Second run on the Passat. I THOUGHT I drove this pretty hard, but the guys at P&J said I needed to get it out & open it up now and then.

143.9hp at the wheels!

Dyno readout again.

Another shot of the BBS' carving a blur on the rollers.

Next up, Jim J.'s 16v Rabbit Convertible. If you saw / rode in it at/to Waterfest, you remember it wasn't quite running right.

Now it is. <EG>

Poised & ready to go!

Best run: 113.8 at the wheels.

Car on a dyno

Josh Able dusts off his Seidl kit. That's 4 more hp!

That's me in the corner videotaping. I will try to get some mov's on line.

Brett plays with a fuel enrichment device. Something wasn't right because it didn't make much of a difference; we think a resistor had gone bad.

Ben Harder gets ready to run

Another view of Ben's car

Unfortunately, Ben's O2 sensor wasn't working, so he couldn't do much tuning.

Ben's best run: 117hp

Jim's 16v Convertible Brett's 16v Scirocco