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Re: Gear lever Gaiter

> MarkThomas wrote:
> What has everyone done about their gear lever gaiter?
> I ask because mine does not reach up as far as the gearknob.

hee, hee. Oh, you 'ferners', and you're mangling of the language. 
gaiter, hahaha. ; )

> I have since replaced the konb with an auminium one but this has made
> even more of the metal gearstick shaft visible.

A couple of solutions:

1. Shrink tubing; cut it oversize length-wise and tighten it up with
heat. This creates a durable, pliable coating. Haven't armour-all'ed
some yet but it might take it well.

2. Anti-abrasian braided cable 'coat'. It looks like opaque black if
it's contracted and like shear stockings if used somewhat stretched out.

> I have noticed that on newer cars there is often a circular plastic
> thingie around the shaft to which a leather gaiter is attached. has
> anybody done this?
> Replacement, aftermarket, gaiters aren't tall enough to reack the
> knob. I have thought about shortening the gearstick, with a hacksaw,
> but I'm not overly enamoured with the thought of cutting up my car.
> None of this is aided by the rather unusual shape of the gearstick
> shaft. What is wrong with a straight one?
> Mark Thomas '87 Scirocco GT

I've disconnected the bottom of the gaiter and inverted the whole thing
in order to clamp the top of it to the shaft. This helped prevent this
anoying slipping down it was doing. Revert and tuck the bottom edge back
in, boom, all done.

Cutting the rod will require rethreading the top of it for the stock
shifter ball, although some after market ones don't need  or use the
factory threads at all.

Someone made thier own shift boot but I can't remember who.

Califonian w/ a sense of humor.

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