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Re: Audi 5000 TB

damn i'll say it again,we need a searchable archives!!!!


you'llknow it's the proper t-body by looking at the car and seeing 
5000 on the back(and audi). go to yourdealership and buy a scirocco 
16v gasket (may be able tobuy an 87 8v gasket or audi 5000 one but i 
don't know for a fact as ive only used 16v gaskets) yes the 4 bolt 
holes line up perfectly,may need to use the orig 4 audi bolts, as 
your orig ones may not be the proper length for the audi t-body.
trace the gasket on themanifold, remove all that aluminumwith your 
favorite abrasive (note do not use a grinding stone, you'll be there 
for hours, use the proper abrasive tool, something metal with teeth 
thats made to eat the shit out of softmertals) then sand it smooth.
bolt on your 5000 t-body. Remove the top nuts and swap out the 
linkage levers on top. now it should look just like your stock setup, 
except fatter venturis. Oh also you 'll have to trim away a teeny bit 
of excess gasket where the lever moves, just open it full throttle 
and you see what to trim. viola make sure to use a K&N or other air 
filter and cold air induction setup with this.

I noticed a big difference in replacing the 'S' pipe with a big fat 
strait 3" pvc pipe..only problem was in texas 100deg heat on a black 
car driving for 2 hours strait tended to melt it a bit! use metal if 
you can. also a 16v boot and short 5" long 3"pvc pipe works really 
well if you plug up the extra holes in it

(i still say my 8v p and p manifold will save you at least $20 in 
parts and a few hours labor,hint hint)
> Hey everyone,
> I know this has been asked a million tines, but I'm going to ask it again
> once more, to get the straight goods.
> I raced an older RX7 tonight, and had a crushing defeat.  My '86 was
> quicker off the line, but he crept up on me in third gear, and passed me
> in fourth.  Not exactly a complete blow-away, but if I would have had one
> extra horsepower, I could have stayed an inch ahead and maintained my
> pride.
> So, I got paid today at work, and have decided it is time to put an Audi
> 5000 throttle body on my car.  I have found a suitable donor car, and I
> think it has the throttle body I need ... first of all, how do I tell if
> it is the correct throttle body for transplanting on my car?
> I have prepared for the surgery my intake manifold will require.  I
> presume it would be best to match the port on the manifold to the larger
> bores in the Audi throttle body.  This shouldn't be much of a challenge. 
> And I am assuming that the four holes for the allen screws which hold the
> throttle body to the intake are in the same place.  This also means I can
> use the stock Audi throttle body to intake gasket?
> So besides the cutting and grinding I'll need ot do to my intake, what
> else will I need to do?  Is the throttle cable relatively easy to mount on
> the Audi throttle body?  And what about adjusting it - how do I set the
> idle and such?  Or should I just follow the instructions in my Bentley -
> as if I was adjusting a stock throttle body?
> Once I am successfully through this procedure, I will be putting up a big
> page on my site explaining this conversion in detail, so people won't need
> to continue explaining this.
> Thanks,
> -- Michael Helms
> '81 Scirocco - the fixer-upper
> '86 Scirocco - the not-fast-enough daily driver
> Web Site:  http://www.continuum.org/helms
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