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Re: Rebuilding motor?

> At any rate,  one motor is from a 84 GTi (solid lifter - is that correct).
> The other is from a 86 Scirocco (hydrolic - is this also correct, how do I
> determine the difference).

Can't say for absolute certainty, but I think the Scirocco head is also solid.
Can someone else be a bit more precise? 

>  I was planning to rebuild both of them at the
> same time.  However, I would like to put a 16V head on the hydrolic one.

Now, this one I can answer.  No, it won't work.  The 16v head not only has
oil passages that don't line up on the early non-16v block, the pistons
in your JH would  create a very low compression ratio so you'd need custom
pistons at a minimum.  There are other issues too, such as the non-16v block
isn't equipped with the piston oil squirters (which isn't strickly necessary,
but the factory thought they needed em...).

> Question:  is this possible?  I've gotten both yes and no responses from
> mechanics and laypersons.  So here I give it up to the list.

Always ask here first.  We know it all.  Winning lotto numbers, the number of
jelly beans in 'Guess the bean count' contest, etc...

> Question 2:  When rebuilding the motors, what should I particularly replace
> or should I buy a kit and replace everything.  I am also expected to
> replace the oil pump.

Since I happen to be in the middle of this, I would suggest just buying a kit
for the seals, then order all the bearings separtely. Mark or Mike can help
you out with exactly what you'll need.

> Sal

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