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Rebuilding motor?

Just the other day,

I got my Rabbit back and let me say that it looks awesome.  I finished off
it exterior and interior.  Last thing to do before Christmas is that I
would like to rebuild the two 1.8 motors that I own.  Of course one for the
Rabbit and the superb one for the Scirocco (I'm not playing favourites;
it's just that the Scirocco is in need of TLC).

At any rate,  one motor is from a 84 GTi (solid lifter - is that correct).
The other is from a 86 Scirocco (hydrolic - is this also correct, how do I
determine the difference).  I was planning to rebuild both of them at the
same time.  However, I would like to put a 16V head on the hydrolic one.
Question:  is this possible?  I've gotten both yes and no responses from
mechanics and laypersons.  So here I give it up to the list.

Question 2:  When rebuilding the motors, what should I particularly replace
or should I buy a kit and replace everything.  I am also expected to
replace the oil pump.

It would be greatly appreciated if all those who had experience (good or
bad) provide any insight into this project.  Hopefully by spring I'll have
both cars running.  Thansk in advance for the help.


81 Scirocco
84 Rabbit (slowly transformed into GTi)
67 Peugeot 404

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