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HELP PLEASE problems w/ new engine

	Well, i've had a few small probs with the new motor. I'll cut to the chase:

	Small oil pan leak. new german gasket and the bolts were all torqued to
bently specs. I tried to tighten them all a little bit, but I couldn't get
to the few inbetween the engine and tranny, even w/ a long extension and
u-joint. How can I put a wrench or socket on these??

	This is a little more important. I put a new clutch w/ the new engine,
210mm disc, 210mm flywheel, 210mm 16v pressure plate, and a problem just
	When i push the clutch in, there is a drag in the motor and the revs drop
a bit. Could this be release bearing? because my release bearing just
started making a ticking noise when I put the clutch in. The bearing is
over 4 years old at least, so i'm going change it tommorow, is there anyway
to get to it without dropping the tranny?? Could someone tell me exactly
how to do it please? :)
I'm really worried about the rpms dropping when i push the clutch in
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