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Re: my MKII worth anything?

At 02:35 PM 9/9/98 -0500, you wrote:
>  Probably American.  Definintely "sporty."  

OK, make up your mind, is it something American, or something sporty?

The only  American autos that are even remotely "sporty" in any sense are
things that have the word "sport" in the name, like sport utility vehicle.
And if you purchase one of these, we will track you down...

  Seriously, cars I like: 

   Saturns- inexpensive, so that you can continue to save up for the 911
turbo, from what I understand they handle decently, don't look horrible,
easy to maintain. Did I mention they were inexpensive? 

   Eclipse GSX - AWD, turbo'd 210hp from a car that can be had for low to
mid $20k. And it looks good, IMHO. A bit pricier, but still not bad at all.
I've taken them on quite a few test drives, and actually sold my previous
rocco because I was in the process of getting a GSX(deal fell through after
my car was sold). 

  I like the Jetta GLXs reasonably, and the new beetle, if you can get it
close to sticker. And if you're looking to blow a bit more cash, the
boxster is very cool, but I think those're going for way over sticker still.

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