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my MKII worth anything?

I'm considering the purchase of a new car.  Implied in that, I would
trade in my Rocco.  "Surely you're joking."  "I never joke, and don't
call me Shirley."

Anyway, can y'all help me decide what my car might be worth?  Here's the
skinny: '86 8v, 5 spd, runs great, nice interior, ~150k miles, Martian
Red, minor to moderate hale damage,  repainted (same color) due to
accident by PO, GTi wheels.  That's all I can think of.  Can I get
$1500?  More?  Should I trade it in or trying selling it in the paper?  

Oh yah, the hood needs to be replaced.  Is there any other hood except
from another MKII that will fit right?  Thanks for all the info!

Benedict? Dan
'86 8v red martian

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