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Rear caliper question

Hi All,

 I have a question about the rear calipers on my 16V. One of mine had
the parking brake lever stick on, which cost me a new set of pads and
rotors. I also tried to buy a replacement caliper. The only problem
with the replacement I obtained from Autotech was that the bleeder was
on the bottom of the piston. Needless to say, that does not work very

 I seem to remember, from a long time ago, that there were two different
styles of rear caliper. These were referred to as either "big bleeder"
or "small bleeder" style of caliper. The physical size of the bleeder
screw being different in either case. The replacement unit from
Autotech had a larger bleeder than the stock units.

 After I returned the caliper to Autotech, I called around to several
mail order shops but was unable to find anyone that had any knowledge of
the different rear calipers. My local dealer also only showed the "big
bleeder" style caliper for my car on their microfiche.

 Is this the standard way to differentiate between these different
styles (i.e. big vs. small bleeder)? Is there any place that sells the
"small bleeder" style calipers? Am I just imagining the whole thing? :)

 Also, are there rebuild kits available for the calipers?

 Thanks for any enlightenment you can supply.


Jon Auringer

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