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re Accident

Sorry to Hear about the accident, I was in one last year in a VW bus, 
and the windshield hit me in the face, and really did a # on my teeth.
(I'll spare you the details)

First thing I learned was, when you are dealing with insurance adjusters,
and he comes around and looks at your car, He is going to talk it down,
" this can be replaced with used parts,- it is only a VW it is also an 83-
can be worth more than $500 bucks, blah blah blah" 
INSIST ON GENUINE VW PARTS- Even German paint -you have that right
And NEW PARTS! hold your ground!
he may speak of totaling the car, or how little it is worth.
they will try to get you to use used parts.
I have dealt with these guys in the past, and they can be real bastards,
right down to the last bolt.
they are very good at what they do, and what they do is 
try to talk you into settling for a lesser amount. That is their job.

if they decide to total your car, they have to give you full book value,
as if the car was mint. Add for any accessories you have (that you can prove)

you are looking at about $800-$1000,

Sorry for the rambling, but these guys (the insurance adjusters)are a sore spot with me,
and having to deal with them somewhat regularly, I have grown to despise them.

good luck, and if you need an estimate, go to a VW dealer.
if you need 2- go to the local High status European car service

Good luck, and feel free to email me if you have any questions.

I have some experience in this department


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hello all

I was driving to class the other day and traffic was stopped for a 
car turning left.  I looked in my rear view.  There was a ford 
explorer coming real quick.  I saw the nose dive down. ( I quickly 
remembered all the talk on the list about all those people who drive 
suv and how they drive)  I poped in to first real quick and rolled 
ahead as far as I could.   The explorer just missed me.  phew I sat 
back in my seat.  as soon as I sat back in my seat.  CRACK!!  someone 
had hit the explorer and they had hit me.....
Some teen age girl (damn women drivers--the inattentive driver of the 
explorer was also female)
damage report----  My rear bumper is bent, passenger side tail light 
is smashed and the rear area in between is creased pretty good.  

Anyway, does any one know how I should go about dealing with the 
insurance co so that they treat me fairly?  I can fix the car myself 
cheaply so that it is legal(may not be mint and pretty)  I am looking 
for a new roc anyway.  

Well that was my shitty first day of classes.  Nothing is like being 
late for your first class

cracked up 83 8v  

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