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[non-technical] List Dream [delete this]

I actually had a dream about this list.

Meeze, and Potterman and Mrs. Potterman were in it.  It was night time
and were in a mall parking lot. Potterman was driving an old late '70s
Chevy Van (hehe!). Meeze finally got rid of his U.S. headlights - he had
none!  First Potterman peeled out in his van (weird), then I attempted to
pull away in my '82 Scirocco. The oil pressure light came on and a trail
of oil followed me. I killed the ignition and popped the hood. As I was
looking at it, my old mechanic's son (a Scirocco owner) came up and
started talking to me.

That's all I remember . . . 

Mark . . .
Scirocco 1982, Golf GT 1987
Previous Sciroccos: 1981S (RIP), 1980S, 1975TS, 1975

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