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Autotech Swaybar

I have the bar on my 87 16v and I have broken 2 brackets. I am sure
they will keep breaking. You need to weld up a set of extra strength
If you call AUTOTECH they can give you the number of a guy who will do
it  for you. I need a set too. I keep extra ones and change them as they
I am not all that happy about this but the bars are good. My AUTOTECH
rear upper bar broke too. THe design is not that good for a MKII. 
I talked to them about this and they were not that much help. I would
get a solid rear bar if you were thinking about one. 

87 16v silver Scirocco "GTX"
81 8v red Scirocco "S"

Message text written by Shannon Fenton
>Anyone have one of these? I looking at getting a 22mm for my 87 16V. I
some time back a thread was going around about them breaking brackets. If
how was this resolved? Thanks guys! 

Thank You for Your Time, and soon to kicking ass in ES!
        Shannon Fenton
            Ext. 2712

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