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Re: DSP Info, Shawn Meze

 I just drive what I have even tho its
>missing the rear shelf which, would be protestable. Theres other things
>that are by the rules, protestable. (16V tail lights, 16V antenna, and
>other stuff, not to mention the Euro bumpers.) I cant find one for my 
>or i'd have one. if i had a dedicated DSP car, id know lots more than I
>do now for you.
>Besides, the way things are going, I might have just run my last race.
>              Shawn Meze
>86' Jetta GLi           82' Scirocco GTi
>The Fastest, Quickest, Cleanest and
>best looking Scirocco in all of San Diego!

Have they givin you flack about your euro bumpers? I was gonna put a set 
of rabbit eurobumpers on the Jetta, but I know its not legal. What I 
would gain in lightness, I lose in inexperience, anyway!

                       CHRIS CHEMIDLIN

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          58 Type1 Ragtop, 84 Jetta GLi, 87 Foxwagen

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