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Re: Autotech Swaybar

> Anyone have one of these? I looking at getting a 22mm for my 87 16V. I remember
> some time back a thread was going around about them breaking brackets. If so
> how was this resolved? Thanks guys! 
> Thank You for Your Time, and soon to kicking ass in ES!
>         Shannon Fenton
>             Ext. 2712

Yes, I've got the Autotech bars on my car, 22mm front, 25mm back.  I've
broken 3 brackets so far, 2 stock and one of the HD SS Autotech brackets.
I would suggest getting some of those _really_ heavy duty units machined
from solid blocks of metal.  I think VL Enterprises makes/has this, check
their web pages (probably a link on scirocco.org).  I'll be buying them
myself at some point.

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