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Re: 16V question

At 09:05 PM 8/31/98 -0700, Steven Roth wrote: <br>
<font size=3D2><blockquote type=3Dcite cite>Are all '86, '87, and '88
Sciroccos 16V's or are there 8V's of those years also.=A0 Was the 16V motor
an option or standard equipment?=A0 Is there a way to tell by the VIN
number if the motor is a 16V of not?=A0 If one of you 16V officianados out
there could help me I would really appreciate it.=A0 Also, did ALL 16V
Sciroccoc have rear disc brakes, or did some of the early ones still have
rear drums?=A0 Is there a way to tell that by the VIN number?</font><br>
Steve Roth<br>
<font size=3D3>Hey Steve,<br>
 The 16v debuted 1/2way through 1986.&nbsp; The 8v was sold up until the
87 model year.&nbsp; There were no 88 8vs in the US.&nbsp; The 16v was a
different model; and came with (besides the bigger engine) rear discs,
beefier CV joints, the Fuba antenna, painted body-colored bumpers and
mirrors, dual exhaust tip, sway bars, and the body kit which included a
deeper front air dam, side skirts, fender flares, and a rear skirt.&nbsp;
All of the 16v cars had the rear discs.<br>
 You can't mistake the 8v and 16v engines- the 16v has a big intake
manifold up on top with &quot;(VW) DOHC 16V&quot; engraved in it and
painted blue.&nbsp; Like I said, there is no mistaking the 2
engines.&nbsp; The 16v also has a 8000rpm tachometer with a redline at
7200rpm (pale red from 6800 to 7200).. and will have an oil temp gauge on
the dash where the 8v has a volt guage (if I'm not mistaken...)<br>
 On a sticker in the hatch, there wil be a paint code, the engine code,
and the transmission code.&nbsp; The engine code for the 1.8 16v is
&quot;PL&quot; and the tranny used with it is &quot;AGB&quot; (you may
see 2Y if it's a late 1988).&nbsp; 1986 and 1987 16vs came in only 3
colors- Flash Silver, Tornado Red, or Black.&nbsp; 1988s can also be had
in Alpine White.<br>
 There is indeed a way to tell whether the car was a 16V from the VIN
number- and of course I don't know how to do it...&nbsp; and neither the
Bentley or the Haynes manual tell you how to do it.&nbsp; Etrik made the
VIN decoder that's on http://www.scirocco.org&nbsp; so I'm sure he knows
how it's done... and if you type in the VIN of the car in question,
you'll find out what it's supposed to be!&nbsp; <br>
 So what's up with this question... is someone trying to sell an 8v as a
16v by you??<br>
   GL and HTH<br>
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