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Re: Eureka and huh?

In a message dated 98-01-12 08:33:19 EST, you write:

<< 2.  In the February '98 issue of Motor Trend there is a full page ad for
 Harbor Freight Tools on pg. 101.  On it is a picture of a Chicago tools
 1/2" electric impact wrench for $70.  It says it has 240 ft. lbs.  Anyone
 know if these are as good as the air driven version?  Seems much more
 convenient than the traditional type but if it can't get the job done.... >>

I've got one of these made by Proto.  It's nowherenear as strong as an air
impact wrench but it has been quite handy over the years.  Every once in a
while it gets a rusty nut or bolt "undone" for me that I can't do by hand.
For $70 I'd probably recommend it.  I doubt you'll be dissatisfied.  Sometime
in the next year I'm making the step up to air.  woo hoo.  Later
8716VScirocco  95.5Tacoma
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