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Re: The VW Criticisms...

Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 21:11:40 -0500
To: "Mike" <lerb@redrose.net>
From: Jason <jtcst20+@pitt.edu>
Subject: Re: The VW Criticisms...
In-Reply-To: <000701bd1ef9$5c210600$55fa07d0@i-dunno2>

At 08:28 PM 1/11/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Is any of this garbage true?
>and if not are we going to just sit here and let him spread lies?
>and if so What the hell are we drivin?

Yep, it's most likely true.

Re: Reliability:
	I've personally helped friends lemon-law 2 Jetta GLs (a 94 and a 95), and
a 95 Golf, all with electrical (dash) and/or tranmission (auto) problems.

Re: Jose Lopez:
	His daughter was in my homeroom in High School. Oops, he got caught doing
what everyone else is doing otherwise and they're throwing the book at him.

Re: Fuel Tank:
	Research has shown that vahicles with fuel tanks outside of the frame have
no higher incidence of explosion in any type of collission.  Remember the
GM Saddle Tanks thing?

So, are we going to sit here and spread lies:
	Unfortunately he's telling the truth.

What the hell are we driving?
	Look at the first character of your VIN. It says "W".  That means (West)
GERMANY.  Our cars were built in Germany.... where they were supposed to be
built.  The Mexican cars are horrible, plain in simple.  VW knows this,
everyone knows this.  But, that's what we get for not wanting to pay for
our cars.. Golfs are THOUSANDS more in Germany, and they're worth it.  But
Americans think they're too expensive as it is, so we'll have to settle for
	But, hey, my VIN starts with W... so I'm smiling! :)

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