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Re: Handling fix up (was- Stock 16v Sways <HELP>)

At 02:53 PM 2/19/97 EST, you wrote:
>     Also, by removing those inner fender well plastic covers, am I doing 
>     any damage.  On the drivers side it exposes the waterpump, and lower 
>     belts to items being flung from the tires?

On the right side, your only exposing the pullies to the road elements a 
little more than normal. The left side has got some stuff that needs to be 
protected. At least put in the left side fender liner. 

>     I am going to go with the upgraded sways's, and upper stress bar, as 
>     soon as the weather breaks.  Is this an easy job for myself?  Any 
>     drilling?  My skill level== I have done clutch/pressure plate on 
>     Rabbits, replaced spindles, drive axels, struts on misc. VW's.

Its easy. If you already have stock swaybars, you simply replace them. 
Unbolt, remove, install and bolt. (Following the manufactures instruction, 
naturally) If not, you will have to drill 6 holes, 2 in each front lower co
ntrol arms and 2 in the rear axle beam. Its not rocket science. It will take 
part of one weekend day to do it all in. The rest will be a long, twisty test 

>     Noted, the TSW's are a 35mm offset, stock wheels are 38mm.  Does this 
>     3mm amount to anything?  I fear if they are even available in 38mm it 
>     would begin to rub on the inside of the wheel well?

I dunno, depends on the tire size. This is the main reson I went with 15"X7" 
wheels (with the basic 195/50ZR15 for the street. I didnt want to mess with 
having the tires rub. With 15"X7" wheels, I knew it would work without any 
problems.  16" and above will either rub, or with the right sized tire, would 
be too rough on the road. I took the 17X7 wheels from our project Jetta GLO 
and put them on my Scirocco, just to see. (OOhhh, looked sweet!) My gawd, 
what a pain those were to drive on! I could see now that 1/2 of my suspension 
is the height on my 50 series tires. Looks arent everything, 15's work just 
fine fer me!

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