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Re: More Q & A 'bout my 82

At 02:02 PM 2/13/97 -0800, you wrote:

>Gas tank - how big is the gas tank in an '82? I was shocked when I filled it up the first time, and it was 2/3 the cost of filling my 91 Jetta (55l tank) But, I dunno how accurate the needle is on the 'rocco.

It should be an 11.0 gal tank. European models may vary.....

>Gas mileage - I seem to be getting rather poor mileage with my new engine... 
(88 Cabriolet, JH w/hydro head) +/- 8km per litre of gas. (I think about 27 
MPG, but with the 1.7, the old owner said he was getting 40mpg out 
of it...) (My Jetta gets about 11km/l (35MPG)) I'm certainly not expecting 
that anymore, but I do drive 90 km (mostly Highway) to & from work each day, 
so mileage is a factor... BTW, I am using high-octane gas. The mods o
n the engine: 268 cam, K&N, big bore TB, matched intake manifold, S&S header, 
no cat.

40 mpg is a bit high, even for a 1.7L. The other ower was maybe telling a 
little white lie. Then again, I had a Rabbit that got 43 mpg once with nothing 
more than headers. The rest was stock. (Doing 60 mph begind some big rigs 
helped me cheat the MPG a little too....)

Next, the JH engine wont get better than 35 mph even in stock form. Its flows 
more air than the 1.7L and being such, doesnt allow for the kind of MPG that 
the 1.7L can get. 

Furthermore, your JH has that big fat 268 cam! (can you say, "SLURPEE"!!!) You 
are either gonna have a gas sipping low HP engine (1.7L stock) or a mild 
performer that gets a little less fuel economy (1.8L). You cant have 
both! I have roughly the same setup as your car. I get between 26-30 MPG with 
my car so you can expect about the same numbers.
Anytime you change the performance to increase HP or torque, your gonna burn 
more fuel as a result. 

>Interior -
>1) Is the roller dial on the bottom of the dash with two pictograms of 
>speakers a factory fader? It looks neat, but serves no function anymore... 

I have no clue as to what your talking about there. Sorry.

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