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Re: carbon fiber hood

At 01:51 AM 2/11/97 -0800, Dom wrote:

>>        I don't who makes a carbon fiber hood or.....snip! 

Having a bit of time on my hands late allowed me to thumb through a 
Turbo mag with a little more scrutiny. Heres what I lurned.

"Carbon fiber hoods for Honda and Mistubushit's with other applications 
in the works". So that means other asian makes and models, ect. The big 
catch with these hoods are they only weigh 15 lbs and have a custom 
hood scoope for type of a ram air turbo system. If your really 
interestred, you might want to give them a call at: 

(818) 572-4522
Imoto Automotive Concepts
5727 N. Rosemead Blvd Ste 229 Dept THP
Temple City, CA 91780

Other funny things of note that some of you might get really excited 
over is:
Carbon fiber Mufflers! (oh joy) 
Carbon Fiber Ignition Wires!!

Then theres your typical door handle covers (They stick on, yuk!) dask 
kits, licence plate frames, shifter knobs, pedals ect. I didnt see any 
axles tho.
Then you have your Carbon Fiber "styled" products. Bug guards, head 
light covers. Its junk. It looks like a Honda Trendy thing to have. Can 
you say, "FAD"!

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